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Ricoh IM C3500A

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IM-C3500A - Image 504 tcm81-31865PPerfect for flexible work environments, this 35 ppm colour all in one printer supports mobile working. Smart tap and go connectivity empowers business users. Quickly authenticating themselves, they can release and print documents queued to the device using a smartphone or tablet. Finishing settings, such as multi folding or booklet making, can be applied at the printer. And, using Ricoh's smart technology, they can even scan and forward paper-based documents to their home email address.

Ricoh's intuitive 10.1 inch Smart Operation Panel simplifies mobile working. The Smart Operation Panel it is easily personalised, and swiping the touchscreen, users can access a host of intelligent business applications. To save time, the Single Pass Document Feeder scans double sided documents in a single pass and colour documents are printed in a flash. Indeed, printing in full colour at 1,200 x 1,200 dpi resolution onto heavyweight media, the IM C3500A can be used to produce high quality customer-facing collateral.

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Print speed (Colour) Print speed (Black & White) Resolution
35 pages per minute (ppm) 35 ppm 600 dpi

Features & Benefits

  • Intelligent 35 ppm colour all in one printer effortlessly meets all document needs
  • 10.1 inch Smart Operation Panel lights up when approached, providing access to a suite of intelligent features
  • Smart tap and go connectivity allows mobile workers to print and scan using smart phones and tablets
  • Settings, such as double sided printing, folding, stapling and punching are easily applied at the printer
  • Eliminating bottlenecks, high-resolution colour output is delivered at full speed
  • Ricoh’s Always Current Technology™ allows new workflow solutions, such as follow-me printing, to be installed when required
  • Because the range extends from 20 to 60 ppm, the same versatile technology can be deployed in every office

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