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Good Technology: Transforming Businesses with Environmentally Friendly Printers & Copiers

In an era where sustainability and eco-consciousness are gaining significant importance, businesses are seeking ways to reduce their environmental impact while also optimising their operational costs. Good Technology, a leading provider of copiers and printers, is revolutionising the industry by offering smarter and more environmentally friendly solutions. Their advanced copier and printer technology not only enhances efficiency but also helps businesses save paper and power, making it a win-win situation for both the environment and their bottom line.

Reducing Carbon Footprint with Ricoh Multifunction Printers

Good Technology takes pride in their range of Ricoh multifunction printers, which serve as powerful tools in reducing carbon footprints within office environments. These eco-friendly printers are equipped with various features designed to save resources and lower costs.

  1. Fast Duplex Printing and Copying: One of the standout features of Ricoh multifunction printers is their fast duplex printing and copying capabilities. This technology enables automatic double-sided printing, significantly reducing the amount of paper required for document production. By embracing this eco-conscious approach, businesses can minimise paper waste and contribute to the conservation of forests.
  2. Ultra Low Sleep Mode: Energy consumption is a critical concern for businesses aiming to reduce their ecological impact. Good Technology addresses this by incorporating an ultra low sleep mode into their printers. This mode allows the printers to conserve energy when not in use, ensuring minimal power consumption during idle periods. As a result, businesses can decrease their overall energy usage and lower their carbon emissions.
  3. Increased Toner Yield: Good Technology understands that toner usage contributes to both financial and environmental costs. Therefore, their multifunction printers are engineered to maximise toner yield. By extending the lifespan of toner cartridges, businesses can reduce their waste production while also saving money on replacement cartridges. This innovative feature promotes sustainability and cost-effectiveness simultaneously.

Leading in Energy Efficiency

Good Technology takes great pride in the energy efficiency of their multifunction devices. These devices, which encompass printing, copying, scanning, and faxing capabilities, boast some of the lowest Typical Energy Consumption (TEC) values in their class. The low TEC values not only reduce the carbon footprint of businesses but also deliver substantial cost savings in terms of operating expenses.

By choosing Good Technology’s eco-friendly copiers, businesses can actively contribute to their green strategies while enjoying enhanced business performance. The reduced CO2 emissions and operating costs resulting from the use of energy-efficient devices align with sustainable practices and demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility.


As businesses increasingly embrace sustainability as a core value, it is crucial to adopt technologies that align with these principles. Good Technology offers a range of environmentally friendly copiers and printers that go beyond mere functionality. Their Ricoh multifunction printers provide eco-conscious features such as fast duplex printing, ultra low sleep mode, and increased toner yield, all aimed at reducing paper waste, conserving energy, and lowering operating costs.

By incorporating these cutting-edge devices into their workflows, businesses can make significant strides in lowering their carbon footprint while also enhancing their financial performance. Good Technology’s commitment to providing greener technology is a testament to their dedication to both the environment and their customers’ success. Embrace the power of Good Technology and make a positive impact on the world while optimising your business operations.

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